Phanar Greek Orthodox Collage

Phanar Greek Orthodox Collage and Primary School also known as The Red School or The Old School, is publicly known as the red school since the present building was built with the red brick brought from France After be decree by Mehmed II in 1454 which allows it for the DSC_0130Orthodox people to have their education in their own language, a school was established in Phanar and their education started. The school which was known as Church Academy and Greek Old School in due course was given wide opportunities. The school turned into a high school giving classical education in 1861. Its present glorious building was built by Architect Konstantin Dimadis in 1881. The land of the school building was endowed by Moldovian Prince Dimitri Kantemir who was a graduate of this school. The building consists of a basis and three floors. Its dome has the height of 40 metres from bottom to top and it has an area of 3020 m2 available for use. It is said that its panoramic view resembles the figure of eagle.DSC_0129